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Kokino observatory which is located in the area of ​​the municipality Staro Nagorichane about 50 kilometers as the crow flies from Skopje and 35 km distance from Kumanovo. It is located on the top “Tativec Kamen”, and named after the nearest village Kokino. The Observatory was discovered accidentally in 2001 by Macedonian and Bulgarian archaeologists in 2002. research started by the National Museum in Kumanovo. It is dated то  1800  BC , which is the early bronze age. The megalithic observatory is located on a volcanic rocks  which were created by hardening of the lava rocks runing out from the volcanic crater. Time and erosion have made cracks and some of those cracks were the main markers through which followed the cycles of the sun and moon and measure time.
In the past the stone markers  were marking the places for the periods of the Sun and Moon  equinox and solstice, as well as their deviations. Sun, in fact,(during the period of equinoxes  on March 21 and September 21) rises exactly in east and sets exactly in the west. Then gradually there seams to 45 stepeni.Mestata rise which include natural markers megalitnite rocks Kokino indicate that izgrevanjata same place repeated Sunny 18.6 years. Probably some members of the tribal community tasked daily to follow the movements of the heavenly bodies and make calendars for determining days of ritual ceremonies, as well as to take up seasonal work in agriculture and animal husbandry.

kokino macedonia tour 300x199 Kokino observatoryshadow7 Kokino observatoryThe observatory is located on two scalable platforms that followed the planets. The upper found traces of several objects and pieces of pottery.
According to the findings of archaeologists around the Observatory, in fact, there were no houses but that the observatory was also the sanctuary, and in the cracks of the rocks were put items for their deities. On the site there is a kind of throne, where, probably, sitting elders and leaders of the tribe.
Megalith observatory Kokino, is among the world’s most valuable ancient observatories. Consequently, in 2005. U.S. space agency NASA on the list of 15 such observatories in the world Kokino ranked fourth. Near by Kokino observatory there are few nice places worth to visit while you are visiting the observatory. Do not miss the church St Demetri in the village  of Nagoricane, Kriva Palanka, with the gorgeous monastery St Joakim Osogovski and Kratovo.

The first four observatories by NASA:

  • Abu Simbel – Egypt
  • Stonehenge – UK
  • Angkor Wat – Cambodia
  • Kokino – Republic of Macedonia

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