Through Bistra’s heart


Lovely tour through Mavrovo and Mavrovo lake, the famous village Galičnik and Medenica peak


Mavrovo– Galičnik– Medenica peak 2163 m.a.s.l.


Through Bistra’s heart

Meditative tour in the heart of the mountain Bistra with hiking to the peak Medenica 2163 m.a.s.l. This mountain in winter is a ski resort, but in spring, summer or autumn can be a lovely place for trekking or hiking. On the way we will visit the lake Mavrovo and Mavrovo Dam (actually the National park), the view point Carevec, the mountain lakes Tonivoda, several sheepfolds and the biggest, oldest and most famous Mijak villageGaličnik. From Galički pat we will start the round tour to the peak Medenica, the highest point on mount Bistra. After the culmination and the astonishing view towards Korab massif and the rest of Bistra, Mavrovo lake and Debar lake, we will continue the tour towards the rocky peak called Govedarnik and go down to the village Galičnik.

The best seasons are autumn/spring/summer; from April to December. It is a one day, with possibility for two days and sleeping inMavrovo, Janche or the villages around, in hotels/hostels or private houses. The tour is easy to medium. There is no limit of number of participants.

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