Easter holidays in Macedonia


Easter holidays in Macedonia


Skopje, The Old Town, most of the churches in the region

Four days for Easter in Biblical Macedonia

easter macedonian church 300x291 Easter holidays in MacedoniaThe Easter holiday is not only the greatest but also the oldest Christian holiday that was celebrated in the second century of our era. This holiday is a symbol of victory over death, the day when  Jesus Christ proved his divine power and rose from the dead. This year the Western Easter is on 31 of March which is quite earlier in the year and it is still cold in most parts on the Northern hemisphere. So why not spend this great Easter holiday in Macedonia exploring this Biblical land? Macedonian churches and monasteries are synonym of Macedonia, the sound of our blood circulation, synonym of Macedonian culture and education. Macedonia bears bears witness to the continuing efforts for the sanctification of this God given Earth. Easter commemorations and celebrations suggest that the storehouse of our spiritual and national heritage is rich in Republic of Macedonia. Easter celebrations in Macedonia symbolize faith and rich Macedonian tradition which persisted for centuries. We recommend you to try and experience something different and unforgettable for your Easter holidays and visit Macedonia during this Easter. The Orthodox Easter is on the 5th of May this year.

Detailed Itinerary

City of Skopje

Mother Teresa 300x300 Easter holidays in Macedoniashadow7 Easter holidays in MacedoniaAfter the arrival in Skopje ,accommodation at the hotel and after a short coffee break for rest we are starting this great Easter tour with sightseeing at the old historical town and new city. Walk starts with the most beautiful castle on the Balkans – Skopje Fortress which was built of stone blocks which makes it a unique and distinctive architecture of the reign of Emperor Justinian. We continue to the Church of the Holy Saviour, famous with their extraordinary handmade iconostasis with a two-layered carving which are represented scenes from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. In the yard of the church and the museum is located the tomb of one of the greatest revolutionaries Goce Delchev. Just a few steps from the exit of the church is the heart of the Old Town which is part of the city for more than seven centuries. Known for its authentic appearance with narrow streets full of craft shops, inns, baths … The old and the new part of the city associated with the recognizable symbol of Skopje the Stone Bridge. While the walk bridge our attention will be taken by grandiose monument of Alexander the Great. Besides this monument we will see Holocaust Museum, the National Theatre, the Constitutional Court, the monuments of Justinian Prima – maker of the first rules of conduct and principles of law, the revolutionaries Goce Delchev and Dame Gruev, King Samuel … Head for the Memorial House of Mother Teresa – Nobel Prize for Humanity, the old train station and the Museum of Skopje that will forever evoke the memory of the devastating earthquake in Skopje in 1963.
After reviewing Skopje, free time that can be used to visit some of the museums or simply enjoy the beauty of Skopje.
The end of the day will be marked by dinner in a restaurant with traditional food and music.

Skopje -Ohrid the town with 365 churches

Ohrid annunciation icon Easter holidays in Macedoniashadow7 Easter holidays in MacedoniaAfter breakfast the tour continues to Ohrid. We’ll travel along the beautiful valleys of the rivers Radika, Black Drin and Mavrovo Lake. We will visit the Monastery of St. John the Baptist recognized by the beautiful iconostasis, hospices, old church and the icon of Sts. John the Baptist. Arrival and accommodation in hotel. We begin reviewing city with the old town. Visit St. Sofia, the ancient theater, Samuel Fortress, St. Clement’s Monastery and many other historical monuments. After the tour the city center enjoying will be enriched with a traditional lunch in a restaurant in the old town. After the lunch proceed by boat to the famous monastery
of St. Naum. In the complex are the church with the tomb of St. Naum where we can listen to the beating of his heart, hospices, mental hospital because today is believed that this place has healing powers. Besides the monastery will have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible beauty of the sources of Black Drin.
Back to the hotel to rest and prepare for the celebration of the greatest Christian holiday, the Resurrection of Jesus. We start with Easter dinner, and then continue to one of the churches where we will await the resurrection of Jesus, the day of victory over death and according to the customs that are commemorated since the 2nd century, with red eggs which are a symbol of life.
You can read some more about Ohrid here

Ohrid – Bitola – Kratovo

kuklici 300x199 Easter holidays in Macedoniashadow7 Easter holidays in MacedoniaIn the morning a short time for individual consideration of the ancient city of Ohrid. Departure to Bitola – the city of the consuls. Walk down Main Street (Sirok Sokak) or Bitola promenade, which once was the most frequentl street, and now is solely pedestrian street. Beautified with the oldest architectural structures in the Balkans and houses characteristic for Turkish period. We will visit the archaeological locality Heraclea Linkestis founded by Philip II in the middle of the 4th century BC. Through this ancient urban settlement passed a well-known Roman road which encompassed the Adriatic and Aegean coast – Via Egnatia. Rich past will refuel with tasting Macedonian wine produced from the grape quality from Tikves region. Arrival in Kratovo, one of the oldest cities located at the bottom of an extinct volcano. Recognizable by the 17 bridges and towers, decorating the city and talk about his distant history. Hotel accommodation and dinner.

Kratovo – Skopje

After breakfast we will visit the beautiful monastery of St. Joakim Osogovski considered as a shrine with healing powers. Characteristic of this monastery is that it was built by the local population which today people from Kriva Palanka makes proud. Inside the monastery are both churches. One dedicated to the nativity of the Virgin Mary, built in the 14th or 15th century. The other is dedicated to St. Joakim Osogovski built in the 12th century. It contains relics that have huge mysterious power especially for those with respiratory problems. Within the monastery, you will have the opportunity (optional) to taste monastery lunch or a nice cup of coffee on one of the balconies overlooking the irresistible nature.
Our several days company and celebration of Easter – the biggest Christian holiday is finishing here.

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