Macedonia Winery Tour


Macedonia winery tour


Skopje, Skovin winery, Kavadarci and Tikves winery, Ancient Stobi, Demir Kapija and winaries Popova Kula and Vila Maria, Strumica, Berovo, Stip

The Wine Road – a winery tour in Macedonia

Macedonian wine story is a story with countless characters, flavors and secret recipes that traditionally for centuries transmitted from generation to generation. “It’s a story that knows no beginning or end” – this is a statement of Macedonian winemakers who are very proud of their tradition of growing grapevines from many different and unique grape varieties and wine production. The wine in Macedonia is one of the symbols of the country along with the sun, the delicious and tasty food and the endless natural beauty. According to ancient story tellers that you will meet on plantations of grapevines, the greatest secret of the Macedonian wines is the Sun that in the region of Republic Macedonia gives its specificity of each grape.
When you start from Veles to Kavadarci Negotino, Demir Kapija to Gevgelija your tour will be overfloaded with Vineyards and large or small wineries which in very authentic way with its architecture tell the Macedonian wine story. In the past ten years Macedonia intensively is developing wine tourism with small Wineries that through original atmosphere takes you back to the past and tradition of enjoying wine and life.
From the capital Skopje to the south of the country already there are number of wine houses and wineries, functioning like real small oasis. We offer several wonderful wine tours for all those fans of pleasure, tasting of really good wines and authentic Macedonian food.
Those who once saw Macedonia, must remember the taste of the wines from this country and the irresistible charm of these regions.

Detailed Itinerary

Skopje region and Skovin Vinery

09.00 Breakfast
After the breakfast we’ll start our Macedonian winery tour with visiting the winery Skovin which is the biggest winery in Skopje region.The tradition of wine production in Macedonia dates back to Roman times. Through the centuries, due to the favorable geographical position and the climate, the people in this region were able to cultivate autochthon sorts of grapes that gave the wine specific taste and aroma. Skovin Winery continues the long tradition of wine production in the Skopje vineyards. The region is known for the unique taste of the grapes that carry the flavor of the sharp winter ice and the sun of the long dry summers, characteristic of this region.

After Skovin winery we shall visit and explore  the canyon of Matka and the church St. Andrea nearby Skopje.
Back to the hotel. Free afternoon.
Dinner in a restaurant.

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Skopje -Kavadarci region and Tikves Vinery

Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
After a few hours bus tour along the River Vardar this magnificent Wine tour will take us Tikves Wine region, which is Macedonia biggest and oldest wine region.Ever since the times of the Roman Empire it is written that Macedonia creates a tradition of producing wonderfully powerful wines with fragrance in the south, the flavor of the song and a smile from the Macedonians.The winery “Tikves” is one of the most important creators of that tradition. Here, more than 125 years, the sky, earth, the sun, each with its own share in the creation, become part of the story about Tikves Winery. This winery from Macedonia has been producing top wines since 1885.

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Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
Departure to Stoby Winery which is located near by the ancient city of Stobi only few hours bus tour along the river Vardar from Skopje. It is a modern winery in Republic of Macedonia where the latest technological advancements in wine production are incorporated. The additional oenological innovation will create wines with unique character and flavor. The wine production of winery Stobi is solely based on the grapes from their own vineyards, following the latest standards set by the European Union, as well as the permanent organic protection of the grapes and strict control by top Macedonian oenologist.
On this winery tour to Stobi winery will be guided by their wine expert guides who will show us the winery while tasting their finest wines and appetizers, including an assortment of traditional Macedonian cheese and smoked meat.
From here the winery tour continues to the ancient city of Stobi, a magnificent archeological site from the time of the Roman Empire.
Return to Skopje

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Skopje-Demir Kapija

Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
vila marie vinery Macedonia Winery TourOn the fourth day of this great winery tour we will take you to town of Demir Kapija and the wineries in this beautiful wine district. We shall visit: the Wine Museum, Royal winery Villa Maria.
which belonged to King Karadjorjevic Aleksander fron former Yugoslavia and his royal family. Few years ago the Royal winery was completely reconstructed and now days is one of the most popular winery in Macedonia. You should know that this was the first winery on the Balkans.
Tasting wines at Popova Kula Winery. Overnight at the hotel.

Demir Kapija- Strumica

09.00 Breakfast
Visit one of the wineries in Valandovo or Strumica. Lunch.
Visit monasteries Veljusa and Vodoča.
Overnight in Berovo.