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Ohrid, Old town in Ohrid, Ohrid, “The Bay of Bones”, Sveti Naum

Ohrid- the pearl of Macedonia

The city of Ohrid with its 365 churches – one for each day of the year, recognized as a world heritage of the United Nations and a lake protected by UNESCO, wonderful beaches and very cheap prices is a mystery how could remain as a well hidden secret for Western tourists. It is unbeliavable that despite the fact that the city offers a summer festival in the middle of June and begining of August every year with artists of world-class, delicious food and wine, old European history in a tangible form, and an original and beautiful old town – all at a very affordable price no so many people heard of Ohrid as a tourist place. But those who has visited Ohrid have something to remember and almost always come back to visit Macedonia and city of Ohrid.
cafe kaneo 300x225 Ohrid tourOhrid is a pearl in one of Europe’s forgotten country-Macedonia. Ohrid Town is situated by the lake Ohrid, and gives you the feeling of that cool Mediterranean feel of crystal clear water, gravel beaches and watermelon crops along the side of the roads. Here you can find old churches, mosques and museums that hold firmly in the country’s fascinating but bloody history. You ‘ll see the contemporary ambivalence and mystery that exists here among the various ethnic groups that co-exist on this paradise. You can take a walk on the cobbled streets along the lake shore under the dim light of the high old streetlights, or take a walk through the city’s wild nightlife characterized by salty hair, brown skin and scantily dressed people who came directly from the beach. Ohrid, the pearl of Balkans has a connotation of old Europe, and it is difficult to escape the Turkish and Greek influences that characterize the country deeply, not least because of the food which is a recap of tsatskiki, salted cucumbers, pies, burek and baklava. It is exactly how you would like to see the world- hugged by high mountains, sparkling waters, cobblestone streets, historic buildings, vineyards and very very welcoming and happy people.

Detailed Itinerary

Town of Ohrid

kaneo Ohrid tourshadow7 Ohrid tourThe old town of Ohrid offers a fascinating atmosphere and it is the place where the most of the attractive and interesting sights are. We will show you among other things, the church of St. Kliment at Plaosnik, a magnificent church in the old style, which was completed in 2002. It was built right next to where the original church / monastery once was built in the 890′s AD. replacing the original church built in the 400′s AD. When the Turks conquered the region they turned the church from the 890′s into a mosque, which over time matured and therefore not brought any reactions when the ruins of this was replaced with the current church. In the area around Sv Kliment at Plaosnik is now extensive archaeological site to identify the story. From there we’ll go to see the Church St. Sophia which was built in the 1000′s as a cathedral to the Archbishop of Ohrid. It is also converted into a mosque by the Turks in the 1500s. In 1912 it was restored to a church. The Church St.Sofia is one of the two churches in the world, with the most well-preserved frescoes from the 1000′s AD. Churches St. Bogorodica and St.Nikola Bolnicki are two small churches next to St. Sophia built in the 1300s. They served initially as a hospital for women and men. Churches have an interesting architecture and are behind high walls. From here after a short walk up the hill we’ll guide you to the previous a part of the city, close to the higher Gate, where in 1295 the church of St.Bogorodica Perivlepta, referred to as St. Clement, was built. It’s one among the oldest churches in Ohrid, and at the same time one among the foremost stunning, in particular for its frescoes After a nice walk by the lake we’ll come to Church Sv Jovan Kaneo of Ohrid which is the most visited church for its beautiful location on a rocky cliff with beautiful views of the lake. The church was built in the 1200′s and has beautiful frescoes.
robevi house ohrid 300x211 Ohrid tourAlthough churches are among the main attractions, many of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, there are also other attractions well worth visiting. In the old city, which is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites,there are stunning places to experience among the old houses and the small, winding and stone cobbled streets. The houses are tidy,clean and nice. It is a real pleasure to leisurely stroll around and take in the environment. You will see the house of Robevi which was a typical house for that time.In a very beautiful house located Ohrid National Museum, which was founded in 1516 and originally was in the church of Sv Kliment. It can be considered as one of the world’s oldest museums. Tsar Samoil’s fortress was founded it in the 900′s and is situated on a hill above the old town. It was built on a place used for defense from various conquers , at least, 300 BC. Fort’s three kilometer long defensive wall is largely preserved and a walk on that gives fine views over the lake, the city and the surrounding countryside. Unfortunately, very little remains of the buildings that once stood inside the walls. An other very attractive place we shall visit is the ancient Roman theater which was built more than 2000 years ago. It was first uncovered in the 1900 after having been buried under the soil and is therefore preserved.

Two hours free time for lunch, coffee or visit of Ohrid baazar.
After lunch a boat cruise on the ancient Ohrid lake known for its endemic flora and fauna.
Dinner in a restaurant with Macedonian food and music.


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Ohrid – Sveti Naum
On the second day of our Ohrid tour we’ll take a trip on the scenic route along the lake’s east shore to St Naum, which lies a few kilometers from the Albanian border. The first stop on the road will be “The Bay of Bones” near the village Gradiste which is a reconstructed village on stilts like they were built in the Bronze Age. After a few kilometers drive on the narrow and winding road with beautiful views of the lake and villages far below us, we shall came to St. Naum. The views of the lake and the snow-capped mountains in Galicica National Park is stunning. The old monastery Sv Naum was built in the 900′s and in the old church St. Naum is buried. They say you can still hear his heartbeat if you listen really, really closely at his chest on the tomb. The monastery with its church has a beautiful location with great views over Lake Ohrid and of the fields where a number of peacocks peacefully are walking around. Over the whole place you feel strong spirituality!

A bit from Sv Naum we’ll visit the springs of the river Crni Drim that runs one of the few rivers that water the lake out on the othe end of the Lake. Maybe this is the nicest place in Macedonia. After visiting the church Sveta Petka we’ll drive you back to Ohrid.