Oneday tour to Krushevo


One day tour to Krushevo


Town of Krushevo, Meckin kamen

See Krushevo on our One day Krushevo Tour

On this one day tour to Krusevo, we’ll take you about 160 kilometers from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, to Eco Town of Krusevo which is situated on the mountain Bushava and lies on an altitude of 1.250 meters above the sea level. That is the highest altitude for any city on the Balkans. The clean air, the unique architecture, the monuments from the past, the untouched nature make this town as one of the most attractive tourist centers in Macedonia. Every house and every corner in this town is a mouseum with it’s own story and history.
krushevo loom Oneday tour to Krushevoshadow7 Oneday tour to KrushevoIt was here that the modern Macedonian statehood started in the summer of 1903 when Macedonians and Vlachs together started the upraise for national liberation against the Ottoman Turks. It was in the town of Krushevo that the first Macedonian republic – Krushevo Republic- was proclaimed. Even though this republic lasted for only 10 days it is considered to be the cradle of modern Macedonia. After hard and bloody fights the Turkish army defeated the rebellions and burn down the town. Krushevo was rebuilt after that and that’s the way it looks like today. If you take this one day tour to Krushevo on the August 2nd you’ll see the big celebration held in memory of that great moment of the Macedonian history. The whole town gets a festive look during that day. The central celebration is held in the vicinity of Meckin Kamen, the place where the final battle against the Turkish army was fought. We’ll visit Meckin Kamen at the end of this one day tour on our way back to Skopje.
The first thing we shall visit in Krusevo is Tose Proeski memorial museum. He was one of the biggest pop stars in Macedonia and on the Balkans and died in a car accident in 2007. In this beautiful musem you’l see fragments of this mega star’s life and career. From there we will proceed to the monument Makedonium which is the most significant monument of the Macedonian people struggle for freedom and independence.
Lunch will be at one of the city’s restaurants, where you will be able to experience the uniqueness of this city, and of course some delicious freshly cooked traditional Macedonian meals


Photo’s courtesy of Ante Josifovski, one of the best Macedonian photographers. If you have time please visit his website!

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