Through Radika’s valley


Unforgettable tour along the river Radika, villages Lazaropole, Gari, Galichnik…


Village Lazaropole – Sokolica peak – Village Gari – Elenskok – Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery


Through Radika’s valley

Unforgettable tour along the river Radika and visit of the most beautiful villages in Reka region Lazaropole and Gary. In the villages you will visit local churches, in Lazaropolewe will walk to the peak Sokolica (20 min walk to the astonishing view to Tresonechki canyon) and who will not be able or don’t want can take a break at the Hotel Kalin. There will be a visit to the 4 small churches that are around the village. Along the way you will visit the bridge ElenSkok (Deer Leap) which is considered part of the Via Egnatia, and then the spiritual and monastic center – the Macedonian Athos – the monastery St. John the Baptist.

The best seasons are autumn/spring/summer; from April to December. It is a one day, with possibility for two days and sleeping at the hotels or private house. Optional is visiting of LakeMavrovo and Mavrovo Dam, but also visit of the village Galichnik and hiking to the peak Medenica with tis 2163 m.a.s.l. The tour is easy to medium. There is no limit of number of participants.

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