Above Skopje


Exciting tour above Skopje


Skopje – Vodno with the peak Krstovar – Canyon Matka


Above Skopje


An easy and pleasant hiking tour Above Skopje will bring you to Krstovar peak situated on mountain Vodno after which you’ll enjoy the picturesque Matka canyon. The easy hike from Skopje to Krstovar takes approximately one hour and a half (maybe less depending on the group). From the peak we’ll continue towards the Matkacanyon and trek on the Vodno ridge for another three hours. While walking on top of Vodno ridge a beautiful view of Skopje, SkopskaCrna Gora Mountain and Karadzica Mountain will unfold. After reaching the peak of Kota the tour will continue down to Shisevski monastery. From the monastery the tour continues through the canyon where you will have a choice of visiting cave Vrelo, sail with a canoe or rock climb at the climbing routes at the most famous climbing site in the region.

Thestart is at the base of Vodno mountain, where the hike to peak Krstovarbegins. There is an optio to use the cable car from mid Vodno to the peak. Canoeing, visit of cave Vrelo or dinner at the restaurantis optional. Also rock climbing at Matka routes is also optional. The tour can only be a hike to the peak or only visit of Matka canyon. The best seasons are autumn/spring/summer, possibly winter. It is a one day, easy/medium difficulty tour. There is no limit of number of participants.

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