7 day Monastery tour in Macedonia


Skopje, outside Skopje, Kriva Palanka, Ohrid, Strumica, East and West Macedonia

Spiritual 7 days Monastery tour around Macedonia

One of the most popular monastery tours in Macedonia is our “Great Monastery Tour” which will take you through the spiritual Macedonia which has the oldest and most beautiful churches and monasteries in this region. It is not just coincidence that the old books are telling us about this historic country and that the saints left their trails here. Numerous churches and monasteries is only part of this certificate. From architectural, spiritual, cultural, aesthetic, historical and archaeological point of view, these holy places are wonderful gift from God and must be seen in order to understand it.
spiritual tour 225x300 The great monastery tourshadow7 The great monastery tourOn this great magical monastery tour in the land called Macedonia, we offer our visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, tradition and cultural heritage combined with a delicious traditional cuisine, complemented by warm hospitality. It is a tour with a lot of emotion and a different rhythm. This fascinating monastery allows our visitors to relax and feel like they are at home. If we take into account the sacral architecture, abundance of churches and monasteries, high mountains, clear and fast mountain rivers, waterfalls, canyons, lakes, a healthy and clean environment with plenty of healthy food, endemic and rare species. It is more than clear that Macedonia has something more then a simple monastery tour to offer for every taste and for all generations.
You must have in your mind that this is a holy land with about one thousand churches and monasteries in which there are 50 000 m2 of painted frescoes and a collection of 25 000 icons. Here you’ll see some of the worlds most beautiful iconostasis carved by some of the worlds best wood carving masters. It is believed that parts of Jesus cross are built in the walls of three of the Macedonian monasteries.
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Detailed Itinerary

Skopje and the monasteries near by

Breakfast. 09.00 h.
Sightseeing of Skopje. The Old Railway Station and Museum, Memorial House of Mother Teresa born in Skopje, Macedonia Square and monuments Alexander Macedonian, Justinian Prima, Samuel King, Arch Gate, Parliament, Old Stone Bridge, Fortress Kale, church St. Spas, old Bazaar, and others. Lunch in national restaurant. Continuing to monastery St. Pantelejmon. Sightseeing at the Millennium Cross. Overnight.

Skopje – Kriva Palanka and the monasteries in Osogovo region

Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
Departure for the Monastery of St. Joakim Osogovski. We will visit church St. George in the village Old Nagoricane. Lunch in Ethno village. Visit the Monastery of St. Archangel Michael and church St. Spas in village Kuceviste. Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner.

Skopje – Debar – Ohrid

Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
Departure to the canyon of the Treska River and church St. Andrea. We continue to the Monastery of St.John the Baptist. Lunch. Visiting female monastery Rajchica. Arrival in Ohrid. Overnight.

UNESCO city of Ohrid

Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
Consideration of the old city of Ohrid. Old town, St.Sophia, house of Robevci , the ancient theater, St. Virgin Perivlepta, fortress of King Samuil, , Plaoshnik, St. John Kaneo.
We will visit the museum of water. Lunch. Review of the monastery and the beautiful Black Drin River.

Struga and Vevcani

Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
Visit monastery complex in the village of Kalista to Struga: Church St. Athanasius, cave church St. Virgin, church St. Paul and Peter. Reviewing the village’s resources and church St. Nicholas. Lunch. Back to the hotel

Struga to Strumica

Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
Departure Strumica. We will visit the church St. George in Kurbinovo and St. Archangel Michael in Varos, Prilep. In the afternoon arrival in Strumica.

Strumica to Skopje

Breakfast. 9:00 pm.
Breakfast. 09.00 h
Visit the church complex of St.. Leontius in village Vodocha and church Virgin Eleusa in village Veljusa. Return to Skopje.

Gallery from the Great Monastery tour in Macedonia

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