We can help you with any kind of transfer and services during your Holidays in Macedonia!

We can offer you first class transfer services before you come to visit this beautiful country. Just call us and we’ll tell you everything about it.Don’t land in an Skopje, Macedonia without knowing how you are getting to your hotel or to the place where your holiday starts. Book your Macedonia round trip transfer today for an easy arrival and departure in a complicated city. With our bright new and comfortable Opel Vivaro mini-buses and Renault Megane cars  we can take you anywhere you wish in Macedonia !

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Skopje Airport Transfers

Pine Travel provides premium 'Seat in Coach' airport transfer services from Skopje Airport to your hotels and return trips. Pine Travels' Skopje airport transfers services all incoming and outgoing flights in Skopje on a 48 hour pre-booked basis.

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Luxury mini-bus transfer

Pine Travel airport transfer services provides transportation from Skopje to the most places in Macedonia and the other cities in the neighboring countries on the Balkan pininsula; please contact us for a quote. .

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Pine Holidays

For over 19years,travelers to Republic of Macedonia  have trusted Pine Holidays car and mini bus transfer service to provide unbeatable, around-the-clock transportation in Macedonia and the countries on the Balkans

From Skopje Km. Car 3+1 Mini Van 4+1 Van 8+1 Mini Bus 18+1 Bus 49+
Skopje Airport-hotel 40 20€ 25€ 25€ 60€ 110€
To Ohrid, Macedonia 180 90€ 100€ 110€ 165€ 240€
To Thessaloniki, Greece 250 140€ 135€ 135€ 275€ 450€
To Sofia, Bulgaria 220 140€ 120€ 130€ 265€ 450€
To Bansko, Bulgaria 280 120€ 120€ 130€ 270€ 470€
To Borovec, Bulgaria 260 120€ 120€ 125€ 260€ 460€
To Pristine, Kosovo 80 75€ 90€ 100€ 180€ 280€
To Belgrade, Serbia 440 260€ 280€ 300€ 480€ 700€
To Tirana, Albania 310 300€ 210€ 220€ 450€ 670€
To Athens, Greece 750 470€ 490€ 500€ 780€ 970€

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